The Holiday at Home

Two people in a committed relationship are often quite willing to please each other, but it can be difficult when one of them suddenly insists they must be with their family during a particular holiday. Traveling to the family’s home might be easy enough, but the differences in tradition can sometimes be difficult to overcome. When one person absolutely insists, their partner may feel they need to give in to the idea of the holiday at home with their partner’s family. It can be a bonus if it works out, but it can also be a disaster for both partners.

Different Traditions

Couples who grew up in the same country generally expect their ideas of celebrating any particular holiday will be the same. They may not realize that different areas have their own traditions, and it could turn out to be a difficult proposition for the partner unfamiliar with them. They might expect a celebration meal with certain traditional dishes, but they could find out those dishes they grew up with are not part of the holiday. It can leave them feeling disappointed. They might say something to their partner, but it could be the start of difficulty between them if it becomes a major issue.

Alternating Holidays

Some couples have found it pays to be diplomatic to the relatives of their loved one, and they have compromised by taking alternating holidays at family homes. This gives each person an opportunity to familiarize their partner with their own traditions, and it can be a good way to find compromises both can appreciate. Once a couple chooses to start their own family, they will need to be familiar with the holiday traditions of both families. They can pick which traditions they both like, and that could lead them down the path to years of happiness with their children.

A Real Holiday

There are differences across geographical areas, and some people may have a long tradition of celebrating a particular event. Their partner from another part of the country or world may not believe it is a real holiday. Taking them back to the family home and showing them the local customs could help the situation. It might be a bit awkward the first few times they experience this new holiday, but it could become a cherished time of the year for a partner who adopts their spouse’s traditions. Many families are open to helping with this type of enthusiasm, and it can draw everyone closer over the years.

Life is often seen by people as a series of days, and they are usually broken up with holidays that mark special events in history or culture. For those who have never experienced a particular holiday, their partner can introduce them to a new way of life. Others may find it disappointing that their own traditions for that day are not part of it, but time can change how they view it. Selecting various parts of any particular holiday is a good way for a couple to meld their own family to honour what each partner brings to the relationship.